Who Are Viky Moore And Why Is She So Hot?

Viky Moore is a name that is synonymous with controversy. When she was discovered as the new impersonator of Marilyn Monroe, it opened up all kinds of controversies. People either loved her for taking the original look or hated her for the fact that she was just an imitation. It didn’t take long for the general public to make their minds up on this one girl. Both sides have valid points. The only fans who are not glad about this are the people who made a lot of money off Viky.

Viky was an instant hit because people loved the way she looked and acted. They fell in love with the character she portrayed. All of a sudden Marilyn Monroe is gone and now there’s Viky Moore. Where is she going to fit in? Everyone wants her to succeed where she has supposedly failed in the past.

While it’s unfair to compare her with Marilyn Monroe, there is a certain likeness. Their hairstyles are almost identical, both are blonde, they both wear glasses, and both were famous for their roles in the early movies. But what sets Viky apart from other impersonators is the kind of acting she does. People may have fallen in love with her looks, but those acting skills are much better.

One of the most famous scenes from the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” shows Viky doing her scene with her then lover, Joe Mantegna. It’s easy to see why people loved her for the part. Viky can mimic her famous lines, such as “Oh, come on! Everything I do seems to work!”

She can also be one of the most convincing women out there. Her high heels and fishnet stockings to give her the appearance of a woman who is confident of her own sexuality and wants nothing less than to be frolicking in a club with her new man. While there are only a few people who will say that Viky Moore is good looking, those who know her say that she has more than enough beauty to make anyone go, “Wow, this girl is hot!” If people want to be impressed by a beautiful woman, Viky Moore is exactly what they should go for.

Viky is an incredibly fun person to watch. This is evident by the fact that she manages to keep answering the phone while filming movies in the middle of the night, and even manages to take calls while she’s just sitting down to a meal with her friend. This is someone who is comfortable in her own skin and is able to go from one end of the spectrum to the other without any kind of fuss. That kind of confidence and independence are definitely the mark of a true sex symbol, and Viky Moore certainly has that in spades.