Tamaramilano – A High Established Spot for Good Photography

A few days back I took a short drive from my hotel in Bangalore to visit tamaramilano. A small fishing village on the Vembanad Lake, tamaramilano is located at the very tip of the Vembanad Lake and was developed as a first class tourist destination for backpackers in the 1990s. In fact the word tamaramilano means “Taman” in Hindi. Despite its limited tourism infrastructure and lack of facilities it still retains a rustic charm that appeals to tourists young and old alike. On my visit I met Ravi Subramanian, a young backpacker from Singapore who had been staying in this small fishing village for the past two weeks.

Ravi is a passionate backpacker and agreed that tamaramilano is one of the best places to experience Singapore’s backwaters in a very short while. He and his friend Mani were travelling through the waters of Vembanad Lake on their way to Kanyakumari. They planned to stay at the budget hotels in Kanyakumari while exploring the backwater areas of Tamaramilano and the adjacent districts of Thiruvallam and Mysore. The catch in these areas is good as the water is full of fish and other small crustaceans.

On this trip I chanced upon an amateur clipping of some really pretty angelic creatures swimming nearby. I managed to capture these soulful images in my camera lens, and was determined to get some amateurclipping materials to use. So I went ahead and collected some papers, cards and even some papers and dried flowers that could be used as amateurclips for my tamaramilano wunschliste. The amateurclips made me wonder about the kind of life that these exotic creatures have; I wondered if these angelic beings were the same ones depicted in Indian mythological tales.

Now after I had completed my series of amateur clips on the new studio in Kanyakumari, I was in desperate need of more photographs. After uploading my latest upload of beautiful views from the studio located in Thiruvallam, I realized that there were many more amateurclips with beautiful views in the area that I needed to photograph. So I set out to find a good photographer in the area, who could help me complete my series of Tamaramilano amateur clips. I managed to find a pretty young photographer by the name of Babu, who lives at a house near the tamaramilano national park headquarters.

I visited him the next day and we spent the whole day exploring the region. We managed to discover a small stream with hippopotami in its basin, which was fed by a pipe that was flowing from a nearby hillside. The stream was clean and crystal clear, and the hippo seemed quite content. I got the feeling that the young photographer might be struggling to capture the clear image without the assistance of his assistant. The two of them were having a great time taking the shots, laughing and joking between each other. The hippo looked at us in a way that told me it was quite amusing watching these little animals play.

That was my first experience of this rare and wonderful species. The two of them appeared to be enjoying each other’s company, as if they were playing some of the games I had seen on the internet which recreate real-life. This was the start of my wonderful experiences in the wilds of Tamil Nadu, where I have learnt that nature is so full of surprises, and one needs to take pictures and experience it in order to appreciate its true potential.