Three Rules to Follow When Having Sexy Hot Tease Games With Your Woman

The sexyhottease69 cunnilingus tip is about being able to stimulate her clitoris with your tongue. When you are stimulating the G-spot of a girl, make sure that you do it in slow, light, and rhythmic strokes. You want to be able to send waves of pleasure shinning across her body as you slide your fingers through her. As you stimulate her clitoris with your tongue, be sure to go slow as this is one of the most sensitive parts of her body.

The third sexy hottease69 tip that you should follow is that you must let her know when to go creamy and when to get straight down to business. As we have talked about before, the G-spot is a very special spot on her body, but most men miss out on this fact. Make sure that you ask her if she is feeling good when it comes to orgasms or when she cums. By doing this, you are setting her up for a huge climax to keep her coming back for more.

When you have let her know when to go creamy, then you are ready for the duff. The duff is simply what it sounds like. You take her into your mouth, and you explore and stimulate every inch of her vagina. Be sure that you use your tongue in conjunction with your mouth as well as your fingers as you move your tongue in and out of her. Your lover will love the feeling of being touched and sexually stimulated as you gently stimulate all parts of her body.

Another sexyhottease rule you should know is to keep things slow. When you stimulate her G-spot with your fingers and tongue at the same time, you are likely to over stimulate her. Just keep your movements slow and consistent. This is one of the best ways to make sure that your girl comes back for more and experiences great sex with you.

The third sexyhottease rule that you should know is to always be self-aware. If she is getting extremely aroused, take note of this. If she is dripping wet from being stimulated, take note of that as well. Use these observations to move things along and to also use them as fuel for your own arousal and desire.

If she has reached a climax, make sure you give her the pleasure she wants. Don’t just go for the lead and give her pleasure in whichever position you like the most. Explore what she wants you to do and pay attention to how well you are performing. You can’t let your enjoyment of love sex get in the way of making her orgasm. When you finish, make sure you let her know how much she turned you on and how satisfied she was. By following these sexyhottease rules, you can increase your chances of having hot sexy girls come back for more.