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After the Las Vegas Gay and Lesbian Show, the Italian gay community decided to hold a gay porn extravaganza. This was the first “Gay Film” ever shown in Hollywood and lots of European films were showcased at the same time. Among the favorites were “Anal Cash”, “Cockles”, “Dani Cross”,” Transgender Caravan” and “Revenge”. At the same time “Revenge” stars Nicole Kidman. You can also find not just ragazzi nudi e movies at hos movie tube but other favorite gay porn vid’s in cats: bukkake, straight, Asian, cuckolding, milf, orgy.

Today, gay porn has taken the world by storm. It’s popularity is such that it has spread toomnia (in French of course), Canada, Australia and parts of South America. In France, the name “gay porn” is very common and many bars/restaurants serve this delicious fare when the masseurs are around. But back in Britain, the word “porn” is looked upon with disdain and even spanked on several occasions. So what is the reason for this odd aversion?

Well, some may point to the risque nature of the film and the depiction of a man making love to a black woman, which to an extent is true. However, I think the real reason is much deeper than that. Some may say that seeing two men having sex is not really that different from watching two women having sex, however this particular film does show the women’s roles and how the man’s sexuality is being defined by the woman. This is unlike any other gay foto vid I have seen.

For me, the real appeal of these films is not the explicit scenes. That is only good if there are no other good films to compare it to. No, I am drawn to the girl cum porn star who gives the man oral, while riding him like a horse (actors commonly use the doggystyle position in films). The positions don’t matter because she is clearly enjoying herself. But the fact that this girl is clearly a lesbian (with an African name, no less) and the men are her lovers makes the whole thing very much more interesting.

Many of the other African women in these films are clearly erotic and most definitely lesbian. The Viva La France one features Leila de Lissage as an African beauty who has a taste for white European men. There are others who fit the description perfectly such as Idaelle Deyo who is the sexy French secretary. There are several more women of color featured such as N’ Sara Aminu and Natalia Sky. They are all very attractive and all of their films are well worth a look.