‘The Pervak Kid’ Movie Review – Starring Jennifer Lopez, Directed by Greg Garcia

For those who have never heard of Pantene Provence, the upcoming movie The Perv Mom is definitely something to watch. Directed by Jennifer Lopez, the film revolves around the life of actress Jennifer Lopez’s mother, Patryk Pervak. While growing up, her mother always tried to protect her daughter from the evil clutches of World War II. As a result, Jennifer Lopez took great pains to learn all she could about her mother and to become as knowledgeable as possible on any aspect of her life. She wanted to honor her mother and to follow in her footsteps as she did so, even as her own career flourished.

However, as time wore on, Patryk slowly began to withdraw from Jennifer, who resented not only her lack of interest in her own mother but also in herself. One day, while Patryk was supposed to pick up Jennifer at her friendlies house, she ended up in the driver’s seat of her friend’s car. When they arrived at the destination, however, Jennifer’s driver rear-ended them and they ended up in the hospital with serious injuries. Fortunately, they both recovered well. But the incident left Jennifer deeply in love with her own mother, who had done nothing to stop her from abandoning her daughter and going off on a tangent in her personal life.

A movie such as this one, about a single mother who nonetheless goes on to be a leading character in her husband’s life, makes for an interesting and sympathetic character. Jennifer Lopez plays the role of a caring and sympathetic spouse, who shows her true dedication to her family. Patryk Pervak, on the other hand, proves to be the proverbial “bad mother.” The Perv Mom’s attitude towards her daughter changes completely when her son starts to date Patryk’s daughter. Initially, Patryk’s attitude supports his daughter, until she decides to go out with a boy.

This movie is quite different from most teen movies. It deals more with the issues of raising children as a family, while at the same time exploring the individual mental and emotional makeup of each member of the family. The movie drags us into the shoes of the various members of the Pervak family, each of which has their own unique perspective regarding the way to raise their children in a way that will make them better people someday…

But it’s not just the individual characters who get the movie’s attention. The storyline, while very entertaining, is also quite thought-provoking. The movie is not for the squeamish. If you don’t like blood and gore, you’ll be disturbed by the images in the film (particularly the ones involving Jennifer Lopez). However, if you’ve been watching chick flicks for years, you’ll find this movie much more palatable.

Hopefully, the movie gets a big release near the holidays. And even if it doesn’t, you can always rent it! Regardless of whether or not it gets a distribution deal, this movie is worth seeing. Not only does Jennifer Lopez look great in it, but the cast includes some of Hollywood’s finest actors. This movie just might be enough to make your kid the next Jennifer Lopez. Watch “The Pervak Kid” below.