How to Get to Know Martina Finocchio

Martina Finocchio, the beautiful, diminutive heroine of the La Trattoria cartoon strip was born in Tuscany. Her name was inspired by the character of the same name who appears in the comic. She is a creator of many different patterns and shapes, from the graceful to the exotic. Her clothing line has sold out at several occasions, making her one of the most famous fashion designers in Italy.

Martina Finocchio was a student of decorated handwriting of Giorgio Vasarelli. The influence of this renowned designer can be seen in her style of sketching and lettering. She studied with him until she received her diploma in painting. After that she joined the firm of Vittoria, where she trained until she became one of their best designers.

One of her trademarks is her use of small items to create beautiful works of art. For example, in the cartoon strip she illustrated, she repeatedly drew hearts to show her feelings for Mario. This helped her to receive many awards for the art she had created. All of her drawings were done in water colours.

Martina’s work is all about repetition, and it is obvious from her design of clothes. As she so often said “The only fans that come here are the ones who fail to fail.” This is the theme of her clothing and the reason why only enthusiasts of finocchio will enjoy her clothing creations. Those who are only enthusiasts can learn a great deal about this colourful creature through her books.

Martina has given us a glimpse into the life of a finch. Through her books we learn about the everyday habits of the birds. We are introduced to their food and habitat, and are shown how to care for them. Through this we come to see that finches are very intelligent creatures. They can be trained to do almost anything, although they are not good at things such as counting or spelling. They also enjoy dancing and singing.

Only enthusiasts of this imaginative little bird will enjoy the designs available for her clothing. The colours she uses are rich and vibrant. Her outfits are elegant and beautiful. In her books there are a number of designs available, and fans of her work enjoy going through these books to find their favourite outfits. As with all children’s books, the designs will be copyright protected but the happy little creatures inside are sure to enjoy the pages.