Maddy Belle

Maddy Belle is an up-and-coming British label known for promoting girl/girl groups such as Akon, Britney Spears and Nicole Richie. The label has made a name for itself because it is committed to booking only girl/girl groups including Akon, Britney Spears and Nicole Richie. The group gained international popularity due to their chart topping songs “Fergie” and “Hit Me One More Time.” Recently the group gained further popularity when they won a string of teenage girl group contests in the United Kingdom.

The Maddy Belle label is managed by Morty Harrison and his producing partner Paul Williams. The two-time chart topping artist/band has achieved considerable success since its inception. The group gained popularity through its singles “Fergie” and “Hit Me One More Time.” They were among the first girl groups to incorporate rap into their music. Their singles “Paparazzi” and “A Boy Can’t Do It” reached No.1 in the UK.

“Paparazzi” was the very first single from their self-titled album, which debuted at No.2 in the UK. The single reached the top position in both the iTunes chart and the Top 100 single chart. While the single’s success was initially attributed to its video clip, which received over a million views, it soon became apparent that the single was far more than just a clip.

The single was not only a commercial hit, but also an internet sensation. The single was featured on several other TV shows including Britain’s QVC Show. During one episode, Maddy Belle was asked by the host, Matt Monro, if she would like to be the face of charity if she was to perform a duet with David Beckham? She accepted the invitation and addressed the world, saying: “I’m a woman of dreams”. A clip from the same show features her performing alongside David along the street as they perform a rendition of “Take Me Out”.

Maddy Belle had yet another hit single released in 2021 with “Hips Don’t Lie”. This single went on to reach No.5 in the UK’s Hot Adult Songs chart. The single was released after Belle’s marriage to fellow artist Damon Dash and became the second highest selling single of that year. The single became even more popular when the band Damon Dash and Maddy Belle underwent a controversial split.

Maddy Belle was able to release a further four singles released on her name. Her last single released was the acoustic version of her hit single “Hips Don’t Lie”. The single later went back to the singles shelf where it was once again released. Maddy Belle has remained relatively active in recent years with appearances on American Idol and a stage appearance at one of her own shows. She has also released an album entitled Beautiful Dreams, Maddy Belle is still making guest appearances around the world on a regular basis and she remains a favourite amongst her fans.