An Overview of Kilkolore and Its Popularity

It’s been more than a year since we last heard from Earl Kaltsopp and his Kilkolore Music Factory project, but that wasn’t the problem; it was the lack of touring opportunities that limited their European stints. For anyone who had watched them live, those sets at Paradiso Amsterdam and at Le Zen South were jaw-dropping. Watching them live on stage is an entirely different experience, though. They are the most dynamic and exciting front-liners around today, and they have such an inviting, infectious appeal that it’s easy to forget that they haven’t been getting any major touring work for a while.

If you’re into heavy metal, chances are you already know about Kilkolore. This London based quintet has been churning out high quality and memorable metallic music for close to 20 years now, with a special emphasis on creating dreamy, sci-fi melodies. To date, they continue to tour the world, and they even have a string of gigs coming up in the spring. But what makes them so great? Let’s take a look at their long journey so far.

First of all, there’s the singer/songwriter, Karlakole. Born in communist Albania during the 1980s, Karlakole grew up immersed in a culture where music was almost a religion. The lyrics of his early songs reflect that history, as do his overall lyrics and melodies. He has also studied dance and percussion. Now, he’s got a way with words and melodies.

Another thing to consider about Kilkolore is its drummer, Florian Reinhart. In addition to being a versatile musician, he’s also an accomplished visual artist. From video games to stage performances and commercials, he’s put his own unique stamp on the sound of modern drumming. He also plays keyboards and sings, so you can expect his sound to hit you hard and live up to his presence.

What most people love about Kilkolore is the ‘twang’ in their sound. It reminds one of late night TV infomercials, but it’s subtle and beautiful instead. Not too many musicians have this quality. They tend to have a too “sharp” sound, too bright and distorted. Kilkolore manages to balance that out quite well, especially when the drums are used live.

They also have a hypnotic quality, as demonstrated in their video for “A Flag for You”. A quick trip down the Kilkolore website will give you more information about them and where they’re from. And, most importantly, the website seems to connect them with everyone who wants to dance. So even if you don’t know much about dancing, you’ll be able to dance to some of their tunes.