Wasabella Tenerife – A Queen Who Ran Away From Home

In his most famous play, Ben Jonson creates Isabellaetthan, the most beautiful woman in Spain. She is the Queen of Spain and a great lover. But behind this beauty and charm is a dangerous secret. Isabella was born as the daughter of King Philip, but she was already a young woman when her husband vanished without telling her. She was taken in by the Earl of Sandwich and from there, in the late fifteen hundreds, she became a famous figure in Europe.

When the playboy king of Spain died, his queen took over his kingdom and became his favorite wife. She loved her new life very much that even the servants of her court did not hesitate to flirt with her. The only one who ever suspected her of running away with the crown was her husband, Gaspar Cortes. However, when her husband disappeared one day, Isabella went into a deep depression. She believed that her god has abandoned her and so she decided to devote her life to the service of her husband’s family.

She dressed up in all the splendid clothes the Spanish royalty used to wear and lived a carefree life. She never tried to hide the sad fact that she was unhappy. She went to her chamber in the royal palace in Madrid and wept while thinking about her dead husband. One day, a messenger boy from the court brought news that her father, the King, had died.

Isabella was devastated. She had always been treated with respect and never imagined that she would be treated as a common courtier. Wasabella was not only angry about her father’s death, but also because he never gave her orders. She accused Cortes of cruel treatment and stubbornness which she said had caused her to lose her mind.

For several days, Isabella sat in her bed and refused to eat or drink. The next morning, the physician who visited her advised her to go to a councilor who could help her solve her problems. The councilor told Isabella that she should ask for the mediation of her father. Isabella was adamant that she would not obey such command as it would mean dishonoring her father’s memory. The councilor relented and Isabella complied.

Isabella was very displeased to learn that the king had never attended her trials. She felt that the shabby treatment she had been receiving since her marriage was unjustifiable. She was comforted when the king sent her to a monastery, stating that he wished to reconcile his relationship with her. Isabella took comfort in the thought that her father, the great Spain, had not treated her so cruelly.