Penis Enlargement – How Did I Find Out About GotPerfecttits?

If you are interested in making a penis enlargement exercise program then you will definitely want to check out Gotperfecttits. This program is very easy to follow, and it comes with a guarantee that if you do not see results within the first two weeks that you will be refunded the full amount of your purchase price. This is more than most other products offer. But does it live up to expectations?

First let’s take a look at the list of exercises that this program includes. There are six total workouts. They consist of Jelqing, PC elevation, Kegels, Pecs, hanging and a couple of special exercises. That is quite a lot, but these exercises have been known to work for increasing penis size. Plus you get to learn about some very specific methods for penis enlargement, which is always a bonus. In addition to the penis enlargement, Gotperfecttits also has a cream that you can use when you want to add extra thickness to your penis.

I decided to take the time to try out this product before putting my name to the review you will see below. Since I know a few people who use this product, I felt it important to give them a chance to write a review on how well they like the product. What I found was that most people liked the way that Gotperfecttits worked. So the next question that I had to answer was; Does it Really Work?

After doing the research I found that there wasn’t much evidence to back up the claim that this product is actually effective for penis enlargement. There were claims that it helped some people, but I could find no evidence that they were real. Some of the studies that I found did show that it might help you increase your penis length and girth, but not enough to make a difference in your erectile function. Also the only side effect that I saw was that after you use the product you may be more likely to have accidents during the night. This was surprising to me since the only side effect I found from using pills that contain testosterone like ingredient is bruising.

Based on my research I decided to try out the cream version of gotperfecttits. After I sent the cream away I tried it for about two weeks and I can tell you that it definitely made a difference. My penis seemed a bit thicker when I first started using it. It took a couple weeks for it to start showing significant results but after continuously using the product I am seeing a noticeable difference in my penis size. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a simple way to get a penis enlargement.

If you are like me and are looking for something that works and is very easy to use then the product is for you. I would suggest that you go through the instructions at the website. You don’t have to understand anything, you just need to follow the instructions to get the results you want. You won’t believe how easy it really is.