Elay Smith Tattoo Parlor Review – A Look At The Tattoo Room

“ELAY SMITH: Camsoda” is a new tattoo site from Los Angeles that features tattoo artist ELAY SMITH. I am not sure if there is a difference in the quality of the art work or if it is just the name itself that makes the difference. Either way, this is a great site to get a tattoo. I will go over some of my thoughts on this site as well as how to get a free tattoo.

I have never met Elay Smith. His picture on the home page is very grainy and I would imagine that it was taken at a studio that is not of the highest quality. There are no details about his business or anything else. I’m assuming that he runs a very small studio because his artwork is not anywhere near what is offered at the other sites. This is definitely a negative aspect about his website.

Other than the lack of details, I like the layout of this site. The layout is very nice and the pictures do not appear to be posted on the wall. I really like the large image gallery on the left side of the home page. It contains many different tattoo designs. If you want to see something cool, you should click on the large picture gallery.

If you really want to see what elay smith has to offer, you should check out his camsoda gallery. It is huge and has a lot of high quality tattoo designs. Unfortunately, most of the designs found in camsoda are already published on other sites. This gallery may contain some great designs though.

As you probably have guessed, this tattoo parlor does not accept cash payment. You will have to use some type of credit card to register and then you will have to set up an account. The main reason I don’t recommend this tattoo shop is because their prices are way too high. They are listed at nearly $60 for a simple tattoo.

Overall, I would give elay smith a thumbs up for a great service and a decent design. Unfortunately, I can’t really say much about the customer service or the layout of their website. I do, however, recommend this tattoo parlor to anyone looking for an alternative to phalloplasty. The prices are fair and they tattoo great designs.