First Song On The New Christina Album

The world-famous singer, actress and songwriter, Christina Khalil has been hard at work on her new album. The name of the album is called Wild Things and is due out later this year. We want to reveal more from the album in the coming days and get the wild things out before it drops! Catch up on all the latest Christina news and get prepared for a wild ride with this great album.

The new single from Christina Kilmour’s forthcoming album is called Wild Things. A new music video for the single has just surfaced and you can watch it below. Watch fan favorite Christina Kilmour’s music video for the first time below and get a first glimpse at the songs she’ll be covering on the album. Check out the video at the top of this article to get a preview of the song and the music video.

“Take Me Away” will be the first single from the album and it’s sure to be a big hit. Hopefully “Take Me Away” gets the response from fans and critics that it needs. This is a beautiful video and Christina deserves all the accolades for putting out a great song. If “Take Me Away” doesn’t get a major boost from the audience, it won’t be long before “I Know Places” or “Love Again” are the next songs used.

It’s been speculated that “I Remember You” is the first official single from the new album and that is very exciting for fans. We’ve seen hints before from Christina’s twitter account, so if she does play a song called “I Remember You”, you’ll know for sure soon! With “I Remember You”, Christina will be teaming up with Usher for the first time ever. If she does choose to work with Usher, she has a huge advantage because Usher is a huge fan and she knows what her fans want!

All eyes are on Usher right now and if you follow Christina on Twitter, you’ll know who she’s hanging out with the most. Usher and Christina are close friends and have been since they were young girls. They’re both talented and their dream came together for them. It’s safe to assume that both of them will get massive notoriety and their songs will be a huge success! Their music will be everywhere in a year or two.

As soon as “Pray To Christ” gets out, you’ll probably see lots of other artists doing their own version of this song. They may not all sound exactly alike, but you can expect the quality to be better than anything on the original album. These early performances are awesome and fans are definitely excited!