Amber Alert

With her appearance on the television reality show “Chaturbate” a few weeks ago, Amber Alert mother Anabel abstained from breast feeding her 2-month old son. Her decision was not an easy one for her, as breast feeding has always been part of her nurturing relationship with her son. Her previous attempts to breastfeed were met with resistance from her husband, and other family members. But with encouragement from her good friend, mother-in-law, and others, Anabel has finally given in and is going to breast feed her son.

The birth of their son, Jesus Christ, was an instant hit among family and friends. Amber Alert services immediately raised an alert to all concerned parties that a possible kidnapping had occurred. This is when Anabel made the difficult choice to breastfeed her son, knowing full well that this would put her own life in danger as well. Unfortunately, with the high levels of support that have been expressed by her loved ones and by the Chaturbate team, she was able to make the decision that was in the best interest of her son. Shortly after his birth, Jesus Christ was welcomed home by his mother Mary and the precious baby boy was christened in the presence of his parents.

When Amber Alert was released, a massive search effort was initiated by the nationwide community. Amber Alert signs were posted in every state in the country. Search party members included law enforcement personnel, the media, public safety advocates, and members of the clergy. A total of eleven million phone calls were received during this investigation. Anabel’s case became something of a media sensation as well.

An Isabel Moore interview on CNN set a record for most network television appearances at that time. The interview provided a window into the incredibly sensitive world of infant adoption and what families go through when their desperate daughters are removed from their care and lives in a stranger’s arms. Amber Alert signs were posted on the Internet throughout the country. In addition, a massive fund-raising campaign was launched to raise funds for the family of Amber Alert.

Sadly, just hours before the scheduled delivery date, the mother of the boy was taken ill and the new father was called away to spend the day with his own son. This would prove to be an extremely difficult situation for both mother and child. Amber and the little boy spent the entire day with their grandparents. When they were finally reunited, their father had to take the family to the hospital and Amber was moved in with her mother.

Sadly, in her grief, the mother of the boy died of ovarian cancer just two days after their daughter’s arrival. Amber and her daughter were deeply distressed by this tragic news. Amber and her parents immediately sought out a professional who could assist them in getting Amber home that very day. Their heartfelt desire to see their new little baby grow and develop so quickly due to the kind and generous support of her family made things much easier for them and their attorney. They hired an attorney who was able to help them win the battle for Amber’s custody and they were able to get her back in her own home with her precious baby.